For marriage, love was the reason., Lifelong friendship was the gift Kindness was the cause and Death do us apart was the cause and Death do us apart was the length. Grief was the price they had pay for love when the length was cut short and Death set its fanged teeth on their partners unexpectedly. When saying until death do us part at a wedding no one expects to lose their partners soon afterward but unfortunately death can strike unexpectedly at any time.

Tsholofelo Matshaba

She is a SAFTA award winning actress who has played various roles on Muvhango as Meme, a crafty gold digger, The River as Kedibone, The Wild as Cindy, to mention but a few. The actress is indeed an epitome of beauty with brains actress well known as devious gold- digger Meme on the SABC2 soppy Muvhango.

Tsholo got married to former Motsweding FM radio presenter and business man Chris Matshaba on 27th of December in 2014 after dating for 3years. Sadly Chris died in February 2018 after succumbing to cancer. The radio presenter breathed his last at Leratong Hospital in Kagiso .speaking to the Sowetan the deceased’s brother Ernest confirmed that the star had been diagionised with cancer for a while and tried to keep a brave face even when those around him had lost hope .Kabelo Mosito the family spokesperson announced the memorial service schedule to the Sowetan and testified that he was a loving brother son and husband to this wife, Tsholo.

Tsholo seems to be attached to Chris even after death. Although the late spouse is physically absent the widow’s love for him remains growing. Tsholo has kept the memories alive often sharing their memories on social media.

This is evidenced by heartfelt notes she wrote in dedication to Chris which read “You stole my heart but I’ll keep it”, ”For all the things my hands have held the best is by far you” and the last one “love is like a rubber band held at both ends by two people when one leaves it hurts the other”

Simphiwe Ngema

Simphiwe is a South African actress who rose to fame on SABC2 soppy Muvhango, where she played the role of Thuli, The Queen as “slay queen” Buhle. Other than acting, Simphiwe is a TV presenter. She appeared on Brocken Vows and Vuzu reality show, Preacher’s Kids and ETV’s cultural show Isiko in 2015.

She was married to former Rhythm City actor and singer Dumi. Dumi played the role of a street kid sfiso Ngema in ETV soppy rhythm city They started dating in 2014 and got married in 2017.Sadly Dumi was shot in during an attempted in Tembisa south Africa and died in hospital on the 3rd of august in 2017.Dumi was not a stranger to the men who shot him dead. This starling information was in the confession of Sifundo Nkosi, one of the men accused of his murder. “They knew the vehicle and knew masilela” a magistrate by the name Elmari Schutte said as he paraphrase the confession before Simphiwe. All this happened just three months after the wedding. Simphiwe was 27 years old when she became a widow.

In 2019 simphiwe released a song called “a final goodbye to my eternal crush” in dedication. She expressed her sadness on Instagram on their first wedding anniversary by sharing several photos from her bachelorette party and wedding day .She wrote

“I thank god for giving me a chance to experience love In its purest form .You’d swear I was something magical From the way looked at me”
She added “I love you forever and always 1Happy first anniversary”

3 years after the wedding it seems the actress has finally moved on and found happiness again. In 2020 simphiwe announced that she was getting married to Zimbabwean actor, model and television personality Tino Chinyanyi. She gave birth to a baby boy on after keeping the pregnancy a secret she was accused of disrespecting her late husband by one of her fans in a tweet that has gone viral. “Simphiwe ngema chose to announce her pregnancy on the anniversary of the day her husband was laid to rest the timing is weird she has. Disrespect to the dead for clout”

Wiseman Mncube

Born in 1990, Wiseman is a South African actor playwright and director best known for his starring role as Sbonelo on most watched show Uzalo and his starring role as Mfanufikile in the ETV drama series The Kingdom uKhakhayi. He also starred in Generations, Ring of Lies as Boxer, Gold Diggers as Thumba/Gus , Ingozi as Siziwe Hlatshwayo to mention but a few. The multi-talented Uzalo actor is a father of one. His daughter lwandle was born in 2014 by her then-girlfriend. When his daughter was 4 tragedy struck when he lost his baby momma. He celebrated what would have been her 30th birthday on Instagram which is a clear sign that Wiseman cherishes his wife even after death. The circumstances behind the loss are not know but since then, he has continued to take care of his chid as a single parent. When asked to share more details on what happened to his wife Wiseman did not divulge a lot of details about what caused his baby mama’s passing .He told the journalists that he wasn’t comfortable sharing that part of his life. Wiseman vowed to take care of the daughter. The Uzalo actor was quoted saying “I promise that I’ll do everything in my power to raise lwandle in a godly and responsible way I don’t want her to feel like she has one parent I give her all the love and make it a point to spend all my free time with her “. He also added that he believes she is watching over him and Lwandle. Wiseman took time to appreciate his mother and brothers Omega Mncube and Ntando Mncube who are help him to keep his daughter. “I’m lucky that my mum is still alive. i trust that she will help me raise lwandle into a teenager.

Lerato Sengadi

Lerato is a South African events co-ordinator best know as a contestant on the second season of the reality competition Big Brother Africa in 2007. She was evicted as the 5th person in the house other than that Lerato is a publicist.

Lerato is the wife of the late Hip Hop Panstula rapper who shortened his name as (Double Hp). According to the family spokesperson Nkululleko, his actual name was Jabulani Tembo. Double Hp had been suffering from depression and had attempted to take his life three times before finally succeeding in October 2018. HHP cause of death is hence forth suspected to be suicide

The two were married for two years from 2016 to 2018 when the rapper died and had a son together. However after he passed away double Hp’s family denounced lerato as their daughter in law arguing that the two’s married was not legal because the customary marriage processes weren’t completed .During this process the family banned Lerato from attending the wedding. A statement released on 29 October 2018 by the family of the late rapper read:

“I would like to put this matter to rest and categorically state on record that Ms Sengadi is not and was never married to Jabulani. She is only his ex-fiancé and had moved out of jabulani life on her own last year. She and her mother were requested to desist from spreading falsehood”.

She went to the high court and in April 2020 the Supreme Court ruled in Lerato’s favour and declared that she was indeed married to double Hp and was therefore his widow. After winning the case lerato erected a tombstone on Jabulani grave.

Thembsie Matu

She is a South African actress best known for her role as Petronella on The Queen. She is also known for appearing in popular television commercial for the insecticide “DOOM” Even though Thembsie is known for this larger role she is quite a reserved person. In an interview with MOVE! Thembsie proved to be nothing more like her onscreen character. She was extremely private about her family but did speak a lot about her love for her late husband. She described him as a very caring and god-sent husband.

Thembsie was married to her husband Peter Sebotsa for 36 years before he passed away on the 20th of June 2019. The two had two children together a daughter Namosa and a son Neo Speaking to the Soweten Thembsie said her husband went to the local supermarket to buy material for cleaning their swimming pool and left her in bed because she wasn’t feeling well. When Thembsie woke up 2hrs later to check him she found him floating in the swimming pool with his body lying face down. This tragic accident happened at their home east of Jorburg. She shared that it was an extremely painful experience to find her husband like that but her two children helped her through it.

Thembsie’s son Nathi told the Sowetan that this was the most emotional part of their lives People sent their condolences to Thembsie including the executive producer of Mzanzi Magic’s The queen.

Ayanda Ncwane

Ayanda is a South African singer, businesswoman and model. She is also the founder of Ayanda Ncwane Women’s Carnival which is held annually in Ndwedwe. The model was once a waitress in Jorburg during her chase for success. Despite all the setbacks she kept at it until she finally managed to overcome it all. In summation, Ayanda’s success and fame came after a long time

Ayanda is popularly known as the manager and widow of Sfiso Ncwane. He was one of South Africa’s all time gospel artists .The family confirmed in a statement that Ncwane had died of kidney failure. According to the statement:

“He was then admitted following a short illness and diagnosed with kidney failure. And latter was moved to the intensive care unit
Where he unfortunately took his last breath at 9.30 in the arms of his loving Wife Ayanda Ncwane

The couple met when ayanda was 18 years old and got married in 2002.By the time Sfiso passed away they had two children together.

However in July 2020 sfiso 2 children from Sfiso’s previous relationship took ayanda to court claiming that they deserve a share in their father’s estate. They also argued that Ayanda had been dishonest so that she could keep everything for herself and the will was invalid. At the time this article was written the matter was still in court and has not yet been settled

Letshego Zulu

She is a South African adventurer in Johannesburg and appeared on ETV reality show Fear Factor in 2006. Letshego dated motorsport star Gugu Zulu in 200 and got married in 2014 they remained marrieds until Gugu passed away on 18 July 2016 and they had one daughter together. Gugu Zulu died after suffering respiratory problems while trying to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania for a charity linked to the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

A year later Letshego returned and climbed the same mountain In honour of her husband’s memory in 2019 she wrote a book entitled “I choose to live life after losing Gugu where she shares her journey.

Kayise Ngqula

She is a South African actress and presenter well known for our perfect wedding from 2017 to 2018.

She got married to Zimbabwean Farai sibanda and they were blessed with a baby boy in 2019 just two months after their anniversary the presenter and her husband were involved in a serious car she survived but unfortunately her husband passed away from the injuries. Kayise confessed that her son who is two year now has kept her going .since the accident the media personality and .most recently on her son birthday.



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