Welcome back to gemini blessed tv. 

In this video were going to be showing 7de laan actors and their and kids in real life. 

Vanessa – Ingrid Paulus 

The actress got married to fellow actor Denver S. Vraagom way back in 2005. The couple has been blessed with one beautiful daughter.  

Rickus – Andre Lotter

The actor got married in 2015 and has been married for 5 years now.

Keabetswe Motsilanyane

She was once married to Terry Pinana before they separated in 2007. While married to Terry, KB had a son called Phala Pinana. 

Bonita – Hildegardt Whites

In 2011, she got married to Kuba Silkiewicz, a South African musician of Polish origin. In 2017 the actress gave birth to their first and currently only child a baby boy.

Fikani – Nicholas Nkuna     

The actor announced in April 2018 that he was expecting his first child. 

Alexa – Carina Nel

The actress got married in 2016. She gave birth to a baby girl in June 2020. 

Vince – Jacques Blignaut 

The actor has been married since 2009. He celebrated his 11th wedding anniversary on 30 May 2020.

Shawn – Deanre Reiners

The young actor got married to his long term girlfriend in September 2020.

Connie – Quinne Brown 

She left for San Francisco in 2003 for her father’s funeral, where she met her future husband, Ryan Huffman. She married him in 2006 and the couple lived in San Francisco. The couple later moved to San Diego, where they had their two daughters, Charlotte and Lara.

Lana – Mila Guy 

Mila ha been in a long term relationship with fellow actor Beer Adriaanse.

Ivy – Nazli George

Ivy has been married since 2003. The couple is blessed with one daughter. 

Romeo – Clint Aplon

Clint is in a relationship with model Mahren Ida.

Justin – Dann-Jaques Mouton

The actor got married to the mother of his daughter in 2019. His wife also has 2 children from a previous relationship. 

Chris – David Rees

The actor officially got married in January 2019. 

Andre – Marcus Muller 

Marcus used to be in a relationship with fellow actress Therese Benade. Marcus and Theresa have decided to end their relationship after living together for more than seven years in 2014.

Dewet – Dirk Stoltz

The actor who plays the role of Dewet is married and the couple is blessed with a daughter. 



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